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Well, the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly in favour of dirty, at least every now and again. Not to worry, I’ll still do plenty of cleaner things too, poetry/literature readings and dirty whispers, etc.

Here’s a requested script I performed elsewhere, entitled Incubus (written by Ovri). It contains demonic seduction, lucid dreaming, domination and some dirty talking/vulgar terms, so consider yourself warned. It is most definitely NOT safe for work, and rest assured I’ll tag all these sorts of things as such. I decided to perform it in a voice that I think is pretty much identical to my Loki voice, but it’s not meant to be Loki himself (though I suppose you could certainly picture it that way, if you wanted.)

There’s also an alternate version which was pitched down to create a much deeper, demonic voice. It sounds a bit like Idris Elba’s Heimdall from Thor, actually.

Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed it, it’s always nice to hear.

  • Track: Incubus (written by Ovri)
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