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Loki’s Whispers - Solace.

Some soothing words of comfort submitted by the lovely amatasera. Not only does she write beautifully, but she also draws exquisite artwork of your favourite Norse god (and Tom). Have a look at her work, I’m sure you’ll adore it as much as I do. If you have some soothing, non-dirty whispers for Loki, I might be able to read them too (though I’m more confident with my darker Loki voice at this stage).

"Shhhhhh…..I know, my dear, I know. It’s alright, I am here with you now, so please dry those lovely eyes. Let me fold your poor little aching body to mine, with your arms anchored around me and the weight of your weary head on my chest. I promise, I promise, I am not letting go until I’ve made you forget everything that troubles you.”

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Oh. God.

Pressing button agressively…. work damn it…. WORK

Here, let me help you with that. If we push together it might work. On three…

Awwww thank you very very much:) On three…

Hang on… Before we press… If we both press it do we both get the benefits in our own way, do we share out the bounty or do we, despite the OP saying not, have to fight for affections?